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Chungcheng, Jhongjheng or Zhongzheng is the name of some places, roads, schools or organizations in Taiwan. It was derived from a given name of Chiang Kai-shek, thus when translating into or other non-Chinese languages, it sometimes would be replaced by "Chiang Kai-shek" instead of simply by transliteration.

The of "中正" in these names sometimes omitted the alphabet "''g''", or replaced the "u" by "o", or vice versa. And sometimes separated two syllables by a hyphen or . In Taiwanese Min Nan, it is pronounced as "Tiong-chèng" or "Diong-zìng". And the pronounced it as "Zúng-ziin" or "Zhùng-zhǐn".

In addition, some usages of "中正" in Chinese language are unrelated to Chiang Kai-shek, such as "zhongzheng" , the name of a government official of the Nine-rank system in the imperial China. In the history of Japan, it also exist some usage of "中正", such as the "Chuuseikai" , these names were also unrelated to Chiang.

Standard romanizations in Mandarin

* Wade-Giles: ''Chungcheng''
* : ''Jungjeng''
* Hanyu Pinyin: ''Zhongzheng''
* Tongyong Pinyin: ''Jhongjheng''


Political divisions

*Zhongzheng District , Taipei
*Jhongjheng District , Keelung
*Chungcheng Village


*Chungcheng Road
*Chungcheng Street


*Chungcheng Elementary School
*Chungcheng Junior High School
*Chungcheng Senior High School
*National Chung Cheng University
*Chung-Cheng Armed Forces Preparatory School


*Chungcheng Park

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